Is Coffee a Mood?

Start of the Day in a Good Mood.Why coffee puts you in a good mood. Do you crave for a cup of coffee early in the morning? Do you crave for a cup of coffee early in the morning? There was a recent study from the  Ohio University tells you why certain foods affect your moods.

Just like alcohol or drugs, food and spices can excite, calm or rattle the brain. So the brain actually craves the reaction to coffee.Different foods stimulate different regions of the brain, releasing chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that promote well-being and coffee is one of them.

But did you know this?  Coffee is a health elixir of the highest magnitude, offering protection to the heart, lowering the risk of several forms of cancer and reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, did you know that?

Recent research into the natural properties of coffee shows that the daily brew is a potent protective antioxidant potion. Plants produce antioxidants to protect their cells from premature destruction from exposure to heat, light, air, moisture and time. In the human body, many of these substances are biologically active, and they help to protect our cells as well. Recent science suggests that these compounds may cause gene changes, which enable the body to express its own protective agents. So there you have it. DRINK more Coffee.

Read full article here for Coffee: A great source of antioxidants and an effective mood enhancer





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