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Being a great coffee shop isn’t just about the quality of your espresso or the ratio of baristas. It’s about those special touches that weave a humble purveyor of warm beverages into the fabric of a community’s everyday life. Like free Wi-Fi and can you find that in small town Yes You can here at Bakkers Brew.

We are located off of Interstate 80 in Battle Mountain, Nevada as small western town where the gold is plenty and the wilderness is a live.

Stop by to enjoy some our coffee, teas, ice-cream and that Western Hospitality at Bakkers Brew.

Its a long drive on Interstate 80 either East or West, so come on in and sit down and meet some new people.

We love our community and we are local people so come in and rest yourself, we got this for you!


Address: 1005 Broyles Ranch Rd, Battle Mountain, NV 89820

Hours: Open today · 4:30AM–7PM

Phone: (775) 635-2311


We are located Right of of Interstate 80 in the small Community of Battle Mountain Nevada.

Battle Mountain owes its early existence to railroads and mining. When the Central Pacific Railroad came to the area in 1868, it encountered a loose community of mining camps inspired by the boomtown of Austin, ninety miles to the south. Mining activity increased with the coming of the railroad, and a post office was established in 1870.

In 1880, Battle Mountain supported a population of 522, and was an important meeting point for the Nevada Central Railroad, which connected Austin with the Central Pacific. Battle Mountain eked out an existence over the next one hundred years, with an economy based on shipping, mining, and livestock and here we are with over 2500 residents.

Battle Mountain’s name is the subject of historical debate. Many historians cite a conflict between Native Americans and immigrants as the origin, but details of those skirmishes are sketchy at best. A common story is that the town was named by prospector George Tannihill, who claimed he waged a battle against American Indians with twenty-three other settlers in 1857. This story, along with others, remains unsubstantiated.

So stop and get some coffee and we can tell you about us!!

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